Oral Cancer Screenings

Our Office is proud to use VELscope Enhanced Oral Assessment technology.

Who should have a Oral Cancer Screening?

Everyone should have a screening performed at least once a year. Patients who use tobacco or drink alcohol are at an increased risk for developing Oral Cancer. Also, new research has shown that the Human Papilloma Virus (also linked to Cervical Cancer in Females) has been associated with Oral Cancer.

How does it work and is it invasive?

The VELscope uses a special light that enhances the natural tissue fluorescence in order to allow your dentist to visualize oral mucosal abnormalities that would otherwise be undetected to the naked eye. The procedure is completely non-invasive and takes about two minutes to complete.

Sobering Oral Cancer Facts

  •  This year, an estimated 48,330 adults (34,780 men and 13,550 women) in the United States will be diagnosed with oral or oropharyngeal cancer. 
  •  Rates of oral and oropharyngeal cancer are more than twice as high in men as in women.  
  •  This number of people with these types of cancer is increasing, probably because of infection with a virus called HPV.
  •  It is estimated that 9,570 deaths (6,910 men and 2,660 women) from these 2 diseases will occur this year. 
  •  The 5-year survival rate for people with oral or oropharyngeal cancer is 63%. 
  •  The 10-year survival rate is 52%. 
  •  If the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, the 5-year survival rate is 83%. 

Is it expensive and does my insurance cover it?

The VELscope exam is relatively inexpensive. Most Dental Insurances will cover the cost or a majority of the cost of the exam. The frequency of coverage is dependent on the patient's individual insurance plan. Our office will inquire as to your coverage benefits for this procedure.